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Creighton’s Bachelor of Science in Leadership seeks to develop leaders whose skills and knowledge will make a difference in the world. Tracks are available in Healthcare Management, Non-Profit Management and Human Capital Management

Successful businesses and organizations require educated leaders to provide creative vision, facilitate collaboration, make ethical decisions, and inspire others. This flexible, affordable, and relevant degree is specifically designed for adults looking to gain a promotion, change careers, stay competitive or expand their education.

  • Fully-Online format: 8-week courses are delivered online, allowing you to access and complete course materials in a flexible and convenient manner. This degree will fit your busy schedule! 
  • Emphasis on timely completion: The program generously accepts up to 80 hours of credit from other institutions that you have attended. Credit is also offered for certified training and experiential learning, allowing you to demonstrate competencies based on knowledge gained in the workplace and community.
  • Integrated education: The program respects and recognizes the valuable personal and professional experiences that you bring to the classroom. The concept of integration is reflected in your practicum, in which you apply your education in a real-world setting, perhaps even your own workplace. our goal is to help you connect your education to your career in real and tangible ways!
  • Multi-disciplinary study: Leaders are needed in all workplaces. The innovative program brings together students and faculty from diverse backgrounds, such as business, healthcare and military to create a unique learning community. Your education will draw on a variety of field from finance to communication to ethics, while building on a strong foundation in the liberal arts.
  • Optional specializations: You can choose to specialize in one of three tracks, allowing you the options to personalize your education to the organization that you serve. Tracks include healthcare management, non-profit management, and human capital management.

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