Thesis/Dissertation Guidelines/Submission

Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Submission

Effective September 2010, all students must submit an electronic thesis/dissertation to the Creighton Digital Repository (CDR) on the University Libraries' website.  Prior to the student's oral defense, the student must meet briefly with Richard Jizba in the Health Sciences Library to discuss copyright issues, the embargo period, publishing options, and the procedures for submitting the thesis/dissertation to the CDR.  When the student has successfully defended the thesis/dissertation, a reviewer will ensure that the thesis/dissertation contains all the necessary materials and is formatted properly.  A representative from the Library or the Graduate School will then submit the approved thesis/dissertation to UMI/ProQuest on the student's behalf, at no charge to the student.

UMI/ProQuest is a dissertation publishing service which also provides graduate students electronic access to its extensive database of graduate works.

Students may continue to purchase as many bound copies as they wish of their thesis/dissertation through the Graduate School office.  The cost of binding is $35/copy.  Students should present a check for binding to the Business Office, and submit the receipt to the Graduate School along with the final copies of the thesis or dissertation to be bound.

Directions for electronic submission:

  1. Follow the Formatting Guidlines.  Here is a sample template for the Title Page
  2. Once all revisions have been made, and the thesis/dissertation has been approved, all committee members must sign the Signature Page Template and submit the signed page to the Graduate School Office (Eppley Building B11).  When the Graduate Dean has signed the page, a scanned copy (pdf) will be emailed to the student for insertion into the final thesis/dissertation document.
  3. Insert the signature page into the thesis/dissertation.  The signature page is the second page, immediately after the first (blank) page.
  4. Convert the thesis/dissertation to a single pdf document.
  5. Access the Creighton Digital Repository at  Login using your Creighton Net ID and password, and then select "Submissions" in the menu at the left.  Follow the steps to submit the electronic thesis/dissertation.
  6. When a Library or Graduate School representative has reviewed and approved the submission, Creighton University will submit the thesis/ dissertation to UMI/ProQuest on the student's behalf.

Questions about the electronic submission process should be directed to LuAnn Schwery  in the Graduate School, Richard Jizba in the Health Sciences Library  or Rick Kerns in the Reinert Alumni Library.