Graduate School Admissions

A student desiring admission to the Graduate School must possess a Bachelor's degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university. Entrance into an advanced study program or access to graduate courses requires preparation equivalent to Creighton's undergraduate major preparation for the proposed program of graduate study.

Applicants for admission who hold an undergraduate degree or its equivalent but are unable to meet all of the requirements for graduate work in a specific field or fields are admitted only on a conditional basis. Such applicants may be required to take further undergraduate work of a substantial nature at Creighton University or at another approved institution.

Ordained priests and ministers who have completed a four-year course of study in a recognized seminary may apply for admission to the Graduate School. They must, however, submit a transcript of courses taken in the seminary and fulfill whatever prerequisites the program director finds lacking before they are allowed to become applicants for degrees.

Students lacking a Bachelor's degree who have successfully completed at least three years of undergraduate preparation in college and the first two years in an accredited school of medicine or dentistry may apply for admission to a Master's program in biomedical sciences (biochemistry, bioorganic chemisty, cell and developmental biology, molecular biology, neurobiology, physiology), microbiology or pharmocology. In all cases, the applicant's previous record is expected to show an adequate foundation for graduate study in terms of both subject matter and quality of work.

Non-Degree Seeking Students (or Special Student)

Those who wish to pursue graduate study but are not candidates for a degree from Creighton may be admitted to the Graduate School as special students.

A Special Student Application is required, and the students must obtain consent from the course instructor prior to registering for any course.  Please do this prior to sending in the form and fee. You may locate the course instructor by searching in NEST and find the course. The instructor will be listed there.

Proof of Undergraduate Degree: The Graduate School will verify (through the national clearing house) that all non-degree seeking students do have an undergraduate degree. We may ask you to provide an unofficial transcript.

The number of hours earned as a special student that can be applied toward a graduate degree at the University varies from program to program, but may not be more than nine (9) hours.